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The Process

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1. Applicant contacts Mission Empawthy©, LLC (ME LLC) with interest in our Service Dog (SD) program and fills out an application. A consultation is conducted with ME LLC and the applicant to understand the applicant’s needs. [NOTE: Consultations are only conducted assuming there is availability in the program which changes throughout the year. Mission Empawthy©, LLC does NOT believe in waitlists, so we will either let you know if we have open spots in the program or will let you know immediately if there are not.] The fee for the initial consultation is $75.00 USD/hour. 

2. A background check is conducted. Applicant will be contacted to set up an interview assuming there are no issues with either the application or the background check.

3. Interview will be conducted between applicant and Mission Empawthy©, LLC staff.

4. Mission Empawthy©, LLC will contact the applicant to inform them if they have or have not been accepted into ME LLC’s program.

5. A second consultation will be conducted and then training hours and location will be agreed upon. The client’s puppy will be temperament tested or, alternatively, ME LLC will work with a breeder to begin the process of selecting a new puppy, which will then be temperament tested at 8 weeks. If the puppy passes temperament testing, they will change status to a “Service Dog in Training” or “SDIT.” (Note - the second consultation is free of charge.)

6. Formal approval will be granted and a contract will be signed and notarized. Applicant status changes to client status as a “Handler” at this time.

7. Training and educational sessions begin. Observational training logs will be kept by ME LLC throughout the program to monitor progress and track problem behaviors or stumbling blocks in training. Training logs must be kept by the handlers.

8. Frequency of training is re-evaluated after the first 16 weeks of the puppy’s life. Depending on the canine’s cognitive abilities, as well as the handlers need for assistance, will determine the frequency of continued training, but at minimum must be conducted at least once a week with Mission Empawthy©, LLC trainers but is expected to be conducted daily.

9. Over the course of at least two years, Mission Empawthy©, LLC. trainers will meet at a minimum of once a week with their clients to achieve the following two objectives in each “Session”:

• Objective #1 – Education about Service Dogs and general canine knowledge via Educational Sessions (ESs)*: Educate the handlers on the complex definitions around assistance animals, general health, well-being and grooming of canines, general knowledge on laws and regulations regarding service dogs, training tactics, how dogs learn, ethology, canine cognition, and training trouble-shooting methods. This objective will be achieved through a ½ hour “educational session” as a portion of each session.

• Objective #2 – Train a puppy from a Service Dog in Training (SDiT) to an adult Service Dog that can successfully complete all disability related tasks as well as pass a Public Access Certification Test (PACT) via Active Training Sessions (ATSs): ME LLC will train the client with disabilities, (the handler) to train their own service dog. This will be accomplished through an intense socialization and bonding process, basic and advanced obedience training, and training to be able to complete at least three tasks which provide the handler assistance with their disability under the Federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) as well as passing a Public Access Certification Test (PACT). This objective will be achieved through a 1 hour “active training session” as a portion of each session.

Therefore, combined, each session will total 1.5 hours each. Training will advance from early socialization and basic obedience, to advanced obedience, to task training, to public access training, and will culminate in a Public Access Certification Test (PACT). Upon passing the PACT test, the SDIT will graduate as a Service Dog.

Please note, Mission Empawthy©, LLC has the full discretion to expel handlers and/or their canine’s during any point in this process for any reason. This remains at the sole discretion of Mission Empawthy©, LLC and their staff.

Note* - All lectures and program materials are offered for informational purposes only; program materials, lecture information, and Mission Empawthy©, LLC shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the program or related websites or handbooks, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information. Handler understands that all lectures, program materials, and guidance documents are considered to be confidential business information by Mission Empawthy©, LLC. and are not to be disseminated to any third party without prior written consent.

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