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Get to Know Us

Welcome to Mission Empawthy©, LLC!

  • Our work is to aid disabled persons owner-train their own psychiatric service dogs. We specialize in PTSD Service Dogs for those whose disabilities aren’t always visible.


Our Philosophy, Vision, and Values

  • We believe in the power of positive reinforcement, compassion, education, hard work, and, of course, empathy. We’re a Positive Reinforcement (R+)-based training program that employs marker training (specifically, clickers) to ask our dogs to conduct certain behaviors upon the perception of a physical, verbal, object, visual, gesture, smell signal, or cue.


Why choose Mission Empawthy©, LLC?  

  • For convenience - our program is flexible and is customized around you!  

  • For ease - by employing us to help teach you, you can solve problems on your own in the future without having to call a trainer every time you run into a road block or want to teach your dog a new task or cue.

  • For results - our coaching and training methodologies will lead to lasting results.

  • For speed - we don’t believe in waitlists like most traditional Service Dog programs where you’re at the mercy of bureaucratic processes that may keep you on a waiting list for a number of years before even beginning your new journey to get a service dog.

  • For Empowerment - you’re involved in every step of the way and are empowered to help make decisions in the training process and personalize your experience.

  • For Peace of Mind - we only use ethical, positive reinforcement-based, scientifically-based training methods. We don’t believe in, nor allow the use of, aversive training methods or equipment (e.g., no electric or shock collars, prong collars, choke collars, etc.).

Mission Empawthy supports Fear Free Training Methodologies. We're committed to preventing and alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. 

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Mission Empawthy is also a proud member of the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce 

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